Top 10 Asian Movies of All Time


What are the top 10 Asian movies of all time? This is a neverending, but enjoyable, debate and it is incredibly difficult to choose from so many amazing Asian movies. In fact, many of them would qualify not just as the best Asian movies but as some of the best movies made of all time. So with no further ado, see below for the movies I believe belong on any list of the top 10 Asian movies of all time. (Apologies in advance to all those who disagree with the 10 movies that made it onto the list. Let me know if you think something else belongs on here.)Continue Reading

Movie Review: Infernal Affairs

Rating: 4/5

The movie that inspired Martin Scorsese’s great Irish mob film The Departed,  Infernal Affairs tells a similar story of an undercover cop making his way into the criminal Infernal Affairsunderworld. In this case it is the Triads, rather than the Irish mob, who are the target of the police. The movie was co-directed by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak.Continue Reading