The 10 Coolest and Most Stylish Chopsticks

As Asian food continues its conquest of the world, chopsticks are becoming a regularly used utensil in many of our meals. However, many of us are still forced to use cheap, 51fwKTCHNFLunpleasant, uncomfortable, and environmentally unfriendly chopsticks. But don’t despair! We have put together a collection of 10 of the coolest (and most stylish) chopsticks. Some are playful, some are sexy, and all are better than those crappy wooden ones at your local sushi place. See below for what we mean.Continue Reading

The Best Asian Ear Cleaners

Asian ear cleaners have a long history and culture behind them. It is not uncommon to see ear cleaning offered as service at beauty salons and hairdressers. However, asian ear51sfNjq7uYL._SX522_ cleaning tools see their biggest use in social settings where they are used by a friend or loved one.

Ear cleaning is believed to have a range of health benefits.  Additionally, because many people believe that the nerves in our ears are connected to other parts of our body (in the same sense as accupuncture), the removal of earwax using these tools is often seen as a relaxing and healthy activity.

Asian ear cleaners are traditionally made from bamboo or precious metals such as silver or gold, but more commonly now, from stainless steel or plastic. See below for a range of ear cleaning tools for yourself and for the other people in your life.Continue Reading