The 10 Coolest and Most Stylish Chopsticks

As Asian food continues its conquest of the world, chopsticks are becoming a regularly used utensil in many of our meals. However, many of us are still forced to use cheap, 51fwKTCHNFLunpleasant, uncomfortable, and environmentally unfriendly chopsticks. But don’t despair! We have put together a collection of 10 of the coolest (and most stylish) chopsticks. Some are playful, some are sexy, and all are better than those crappy wooden ones at your local sushi place. See below for what we mean.Continue Reading

This Soups for You: The Best Asian Soup Spoons

Soup is not just an appetizer but a meal in itself. But without the correct utensil, you are often left slurping soup off the floor due to limited depth of most spoons. However, with 61WQyVhex6L._AC_UL115_an Asian style soup spoon (such as you have probably seen at your local Japanese restaurant with your miso), your troubles are over. So get slurping in style with these great Asian style soup spoons:Continue Reading